Da Ponte Opera Talk on BCTV

What a Dream-Andy Roberts Sextet

Cé Monsier Qui Parlé-Hesse's Hot 3

Space Shanty-Chris Heslop Jazz Orchestra-

Pre-concert interview:

Reading Symphony Orchestra "Long Live the Eagle" composed by Dave Kline, arranged by Chris Heslop

Andy Roberts Sextet-Frankenstein (on the quarter)

Chris on “People Chronicles” with Jo Painter

Reading Theater Project-“We Have What You Want”

Excerpts from Reading Theater Project's "One Body"

Les Oignons-Hesse's Hot 3

Hesse's Hot 3-Egyptian Fantasy

Chris Heslop Jazz Orchestra-Pretty Song

Excerpts from Bear Prince, a jazz opera; Composer: Chris Heslop; Librettist: Vicki Graff

Da Ponte interview-Vicki & Chris