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The smallest group in the Hesse franchise, Hesse's Hot 3 is a great way to add flair to your event. Equally at home on the back deck or in the concert hall, Hesse's Hot Jazz perpetuates the early jazz traditions.

Strong melodies coupled with complex rhythms and the freedom of improvisation combine to create an infectious jubilance, appealing to young and old.

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Their repertoire includes many New Orleans favorites, but also a healthy sampling of early French jazz, some Cuban tunes, horas, polkas, and parade music.

Hesse's repertoire pays special tribute to Sidney Bechet, the virtuoso of the clarinet and soprano saxophone. Having grown up in New Orleans, then spending much of his life in Paris, Bechet's music has a unique and compelling sound.

Available for festivals, concerts, and educational events.

Take Hesse's Hot 3, add a drummer and a trumpeter, and you have Hesse's Hot V!

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Bill Smith: Trombone
Bob Stoyko: Trumpet
Chris Heslop: clarinet, saxophone, washboard
Ken Kemmerer: tuba, trombone
Josh Taylor: banjo, guitar
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